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Foot Fountain

This fountain, embedded with the cool blue and green tiles of Spanish fountains and West Coast swimming pools, is encircled by the dusky brown hills of California. In the center, a timelapse-like spiral of bare feet serves as pools for cascading water, its natural flow controlled as it pours across the feet much like a champagne glass fountain. The bare feet move downward, as reminiscent of Duchamp’s Nu descendant un escalier (1912) as it is of the wearying process of plodding along a baked hiking trail in the desert heat. While the feet repeat in close-up detail, the mountainous topography appears in miniature, as if seen from a bird’s eye view or the passenger seat on a long road trip, twisting perspective and scale. Surrounding the oasis, the landscape is of sun-drenched and drought-ridden California. The feet, made of slip-cast ceramics, are set into a flame-like base: the threat of wildfire waiting to overtake the hills and create another beautiful disaster.

California Rolling Hills Foot Fountain [installation shot in Joshua Tree]2020. Wood, flock, tiles, ceramic, glaze, pump, artificial trees, plastic rubber, spray paint, resin. 21 x 26 x 28 inches.

Palm Fountain

This ceramic fountain displays a stout, bulbous palm, which splashes water melancholically against a sandy yellow base encircled by waves. Fingerprints are impressed into the surface of the palm’s trunk and fronds, which in their crude simplicity distort the elegance of classical palms and superimpose the desert’s parched and arid environment with an oasis’ sense of relief.

Palm Fountain2020. Ceramic, glaze, fountain pump. 18 x 16 x 15 inches.

Untitled (Fountain)2021. Airbrush, acrylic, resin, acetate, mdf, pennies on wood panel. 11 x 9 inches.

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