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This series of terrazzo crystals and ceramic sculptures, which reference geodes, amethysts, and abalone shells, draws on the prevalence of spirituality-for-sale and the boutique mixture of New Age philosophy, quasi-religious enlightenment, and commerce. In an ambivalent gesture to the Western obsession with owning and even colonizing other spiritual traditions for personal relief and gain, these works offer alternative votives and shrines which purport to charge small-scale and everyday objects with energetic power.

The two-dimensional works reduce a crystal to a flat surface by using the 15th century Italian technique of terrazzo in which an aggregate itself is embedded with a multitude of ordinary stones and gem-like crystals.


Crystal with Growths, 2019. Ceramic, glaze, flock, great stuff. 6 x 5.5 x 5 inches

Flocked Crystals

By flocking sections of the surfaces with rayon fabric in bright colors and gradients, the work pairs the visual and tactile comfort of soft textiles with a sort of libidinous seductiveness, asking us to touch, caress, and covet. It holds a certain energy implied by the viewer, is the power of a crystal in your mind or in the object?

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